InnoGlobal Digital Maturity and Sustainability Assessment 

The two most significant challenges facing society over the next decade are the transition towards a climate-neutral society and the retention of our industrial competitiveness. 

InnoGlobal is a leading industry expert in high-tech manufacturing, automation and upskilling. We can help you determine where you are on the road to Industry 5.0, where you are benchmarked against other manufacturing organisations, how to ready your team and what your best next steps are to get there as efficiently and as seamlessly as possible. An Industry 5.0 roadmap provides companies with a clear focused vision for the future.

InnoGlobal’s Digital Maturity and Sustainability Assessment originated within the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector and is applicable to all high-tech manufacturing sites. The DMSA is complementary to existing site-wide improvement initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma etc. Industry 5.0 Digital Transformation delivers the following important advantages to organisations: 

Improved efficiency through a continuous flow of data across the organisation.

Increased transparency, helping identify trends and patterns otherwise unseen.

Cost savings in general operations due to better insights into the volume needs and timelines of raw materials

Better employee engagement and culture with better coaching, training and support from leadership.

Effective supply chain management from increased visibility, improved vendor management and a better understanding of all aspects of the end-to-end value stream.

Increased industrial competitiveness through efficient organisational infrastructure, improving the advantage you have within your industry. 

Improved sustainability results in less carbon footprint and climate impact.


Assisting in evidence-based strategies

Our DMAS specifically assists organisations in formulating an evidence-based strategy that considers their unique technological and organisational direction, roadmap and destination. With a great understanding of where organisations sit in the adoption of advanced technologies, they are in a strong position to set achievable targets and strategies for improvement.

Benchmarking is a powerful tool to identify internal opportunities for improvement by comparing, area by area, to peer companies. Studying other companies can highlight what it takes to enhance your company’s efficiency and become a bigger player in your industry. 



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